Our Story

If you engage our services, we will encourage you to promote your organization’s mission by telling stories about your work. Here’s our story.

For many years, we worked in the Development department at Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon. Both of us considered the work a calling, not a job.

Pamela did the things that had to be done within the building: opening, entering, receipting, and acknowledging donations; attending chapel and mingling with the students, faculty, and staff; sitting in on classes; improving the IT; designing, editing, and creating Sheaves, brochures, capital campaign documents, the course offerings booklet, and other publicity. I also took almost all the photographs from 2007 – 2016.

Joe, working from his home in Calgary, discovered that he loved making phone calls and personal visits. In addition to connecting with donors, he connected with prospective students and helped them find ways of overcoming the obstacles that were preventing them from coming to seminary. His previous career had required considerable travel, so he felt very comfortable driving from Thunder Bay to Vancouver to Grande Prairie while making these visits.

In our role as fundraisers/communicators/recruiters, we also loved attending church gatherings. One or both of us went to nearly every synod and national convention during those years; the CLAYs (Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth gatherings), various conference conventions, and other conferences (e.g., National Worship); ordinations, installations, and funerals. We organized, attended, and spoke at many events for LTS, including 21 events for the Faithful for the Future capital campaign.

We both ended up leaving LTS in the summer of 2016. After a while, we found we really missed talking to donors, creating beautiful documents, writing appeal letters, raising money, and generally serving the church. In talking to our many clergy friends, we realized that many faith-based organizations (including congregations) could benefit from our experience with stewardship and communications. And so, early in 2017, Faithful Servant Consulting came into existence.

The first year brought wonderful relationships with directors and staff of faith-based organizations, many triumphs, and a few learning experiences. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring!