Athough the precise format has evolved over time, direct appeals remain an important component of faith-based organizational fundraising. Although some donors faithfully give regardless, most people liked to be asked. They also want to know what the charity will do with their donation.

We can help you analyze your current appeals process and help you maximize return on investment (ROI) for mailings. Questions to be asked include:

  • How often would our donors like to receive appeals? Have we a good system for tracking this information? (Some donors only want to be asked once a year; others like to make smaller gifts several times.)
  • Do our donors prefer print mailings, or will they respond favourably to an email appeal?
  • Are we able to personalize appeals with the donor’s name?
  • What type of letter will be most effective? One page or two? With graphics or without? What should the letter be about?
  • Can we identify clear needs that we would like donors to support?
  • How can ensure that gifts are acknowledged, promptly and sincerely, so that donors feel good about having chosen our organization?

A good letter and an accurate mailing list increase the likelihood of an appeal’s being successful. Faithful Servant Consulting would be happy to assist with these important tasks.