Donor Events

Sometimes, the best way to make people feel excited about your work is to gather them together in person. Events targeted to your donors can have multiple purposes, often concurrently:

  • Provide information – “Here are the great things we are achieving today!” “Here are our exciting plans for the future!”
  • Show appreciation – “Thank you so much for making our amazing work possible.”
  • Increase participation – “Here’s how you can (and why you should) take part in our programs.”
  • Encourage support – “Please make a donation to help us achieve our goals.” (Existing and new donors; current and planned gifts)

Faithful Servant Consulting has considerable experience organizing and running successful donor events. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Work with you to determine the most effective format for your event (Where should it be held? Will there be a meal? Will there be a cost to attend? What/who should be on the program?)
  • Develop promotional materials and social media strategy
  • Using your mailing list, determine who should be invited and contact those people
  • Assist with preparation of the program (speeches, PowerPoint, video, etc.)
  • Identify and book venue, caterer, entertainment
  • At the event itself, set up the room, welcome guests, (if appropriate) assist with the program, and help with cleanup
  • Evaluate completed event and assist with followup

Events are a lot of work. When they are done well, the payoff can be tremendous. Not only are they an opportunity to attract new donors and participants to your organization, but they can also help you learn more about your existing supporters and strengthen their commitment to the cause.