Grant Proposals

Grants from government, foundations, and other groups can provide significant income to causes that meet their criteria.

Finding funders who have the potential to fund your organization can be very difficult. Some won’t fund anything to do with religion; others will fund only particular denominations. Some limit their grant recipients by geography. Finding suitable funders is only the first step. To be successful, applicants must also

  • Learn the application process for that particular grant (often, there is no website or other accessible set of instructions)
  • Identify a project or other funding need that matches the grantor’s interests and typical giving amount
  • Articulate clearly the tangible benefits that will be realized if funding is granted
  • Be able to demonstrate that other pieces (additional funding, sufficient human resources, buy-in from potential participants in the program to be funded) are in place that will ensure the project will be successful if funded
  • Prepare an accurate budget of expenses that will be incurred by the proposed project
  • Commit to providing followup reports as per the grantor’s request

We can’t guarantee that we will be able to find grant funding for your organization. However, with our assistance, several of our clients have succeeded in winning significant grant funding. If you have a great project and other efficient procedures, we can help you put together strong proposals that will appeal to potential funders.