Planned Giving

Planned (or Legacy) giving has become an increasingly important component of church and faith-based organizational stewardship programs. The demographics of the donor base of most mainline-denomination-based groups are even more favourable to planned gifts.

The generational wealth transfer that will be happening in the next two decades means that more money will be potentially available for planned gifts. However, that doesn’t mean this estate funding will automatically come to your organization – or even to charity at all. Educating donors about planned giving and demonstrating the worthiness of your organization is an ongoing but very worthwhile process.

Here are some ways we can help jump-start your planned giving program:

  • Deliver educational presentations (tailored to your mission and your donors) to your Board, donors, and other stakeholders
  • Prepare handouts/brochures summarizing key information about planned giving for staff and for donors
  • Identify top planned giving prospects among your donor records
  • Assist in development of policies surrounding acceptance and management of planned gifts