Promotional Materials

Effective promotional materials are an important way to galvanize support for your mission. Although we would never encourage forcing people to take materials they don’t want (that just wastes trees!), having good materials available for those who are interested is important. Well designed brochures, booklets, postcards, business cards, and presentations etc. can inspire people (past patrons but also new ones) to participate in your programs. They can motivate people to make a donation or a planned gift. Best of all, they can be shared by recipients with friends, relatives, and others who might be interested and who may not otherwise have discovered your organization.

Designing an effective document is not easy. One must find the right balance between visual appeal (so the document gets picked up and read) and clarity of message. It can also be difficult to know how much information to include: too much is daunting and will not be read or absorbed, too little leaves too many questions that most people won’t bother to follow up. Text must be large enough for comfortable reading but not so large there’s no room for paragraphs. Images should draw in the reader while also supporting the messages they accompany. Sometimes, a different version may be required for online reading or for a presentation (lower resolution, full bleeds, larger text?) than for print.

We can help you redesign your existing promotional materials or create new ones. Although we prefer to use Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), the software most graphics professionals use, we can also design in Publisher or even Word, if that’s what you have and you would like a file you can update yourself in the future. We are equally comfortable using PowerPoint and Keynote for presentations.

Below are some materials we use to promote Faithful Servant Consulting.