Stewardship Education

Faith-based organizations, and congregations in particular, often find it difficult to talk about money. They want to believe that if their mission is valuable, their work having a positive impact, that people will see that and offer large gifts to support it.

In reality, most people need to be asked. They may want to know what exactly their gift will fund and what impact it will have, especially for larger gifts. They want to know why they should give to you instead of to another worthwhile cause.

They also can benefit from stewardship education that can show them how giving to a charity does not deprive them of having their hard-earned money to spend on fun things. Studies have shown that giving in itself brings joy to the giver. Joe’s written a post for our blog that explains a bit more about the difference between stewardship and regular fundraising.

This kind of education is particularly important for younger generations, who did not live through the Depression and were not raised to think automatically of tithing to their church and other charities. We can help get you started educating your members, board, and others about the joy of giving.