Website Enhancement

Your website is one of the primary faces the public sees. Although in 2018, insiders are likely to check the social media accounts (or a newsletter, or in-person announcements) to learn more about happenings at your congregation or organization, many others will still go to the website. People new to the organization (e.g., those looking for a congregation to join) are very likely to check out the website.

We can review your website and suggest improvements that could make it more effective. Some questions we will consider include,

  • is it mobile-ready? (even senior citizens often look at websites on smartphones now)
  • does it contain the basic information that people are looking for? is this information easy to find?
  • does the site look modern and visually appealing?
  • can search engines find it (Search-Engine Optimized)?
  • does your software have features you could be using that would make site maintenance easier?
  • are there typographical errors that send a negative impression of your organization’s professionalism?

In some cases, you might wish for Faithful Servant to build you a new website from scratch and teach you how to maintain it. (Maybe your church has a limited audience and even more limited staff/volunteer time, and a Facebook page might be enough? That’s a conversation we would love to have with you!)

Pamela prefers WordPress at the moment but also has experience with regular HTML/php, Clover Church website software, and Weebly. (She’s pretty good at learning new software too.)