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Greetings, fellow LCBI alumni!

As a graduate, a Board member, and a parent, I want to share with you a project the Board of Regents feels passionate about and ask you to help us make it happen.

LCBI needs a chaplain!

It has been almost three years since our school has had a full-time, on-site chaplain. There’s still daily chapel, evening devotions, morning prayer, and other times of prayer. A ministry team from Outlook has been doing a good job of providing pastoral care to students, helping to lead worship, and filling some of the other chaplain tasks.

Having a Chaplain on campus brought a consistency and comfort level for me while I was attending LCBI. Whether it was through special services, being in LIFT group or going to talk to Pastor Woolery about personal issues, I knew he was there for me. I think it’s important for the growth of the students to have that faithful leadership being involved in all areas of campus life.

You can help!

LCBI is currently raising funds that will be used to call an on-site chaplain for LCBI. Although you are welcome to send in a special donation (or give online) to the Chaplain Fund, we will be raising this money primarily through Donate Your Change (Canada).

How it works

Do you remember how you used to throw your coins in a jar at the end of each day? When they accumulated, you could give them to a good cause without really impacting your current cashflow? Donate Your Change is the modern version of that.

Once you’ve signed up, transactions you make on the applicable credit or debit cards (your choice!) can be rounded up automatically to the nearest dollar, with the extra going to LCBI. You can easily log into the DYCC website (or the phone app) and track your donations or change how you wish to give. Once a year, you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

It’s easy

More information and the LCBI signup form is available here: http://lcbi.donateyourchange.ca/ . I myself signed up in January and since then have enjoyed watching my gift to the Chaplain Fund increase through regular small donations without my having had to do anything but use my credit (or debit) card.

Please sign up and join us in helping to bring full-time chaplaincy back to our school!

Yours in faith,

Karena Berggren
Class of 1994